AFL9s Returns for Spring 2022!


AFL 9s is the AFL's social version of the game. It's a fast, free-flowing game that involves nine players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it's 'touch football' with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for people of any skill level. It’s a great way to keep your players fit, engage with families and introduce new people to the game.


There is a dedicated Facebook page and Instagram set up for our local AFLX and AFL9S which will have updated photos, scores, and ladders weekly during our competitions.


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CentralCoastAFL9SAFLX


Instagram - https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Finstagram.com%2Fafl9s_aflx_central_coast%3Figshid%3DNmNmNjAwNzg%253D%26fbclid%3DIwAR2gz5ODPIDvqX8yxrAdZkS4GmQeQw8VzAN7g4nXQou6pRd2o6ts-hE8Wgo&h=AT3v43OqEgmF3rWw5fg2iaN1lx3ez9L2pzq3TFvcv-3vHtc0pQxywiUizDXHYkYwDpODtmjOSWcjhijCf76njBWE-8wjrHkJWg8cuNOl5HIFiEIMPXuRbBxzPVviaFUN8Bg



Season Details-

Friday October 14 – Friday December 9

Adelaide St Oval, Killarney Vale

Time slots -7.00pm AND 8.00pm


Open Men’s Division (Men 14+)

Open Mixed Division (Mixed 14+)


Player Registration -



Team Registration –




AFL9s Explained - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y2A-QTo0QY&list=PLC6DDD023AC5F1B10&index=3