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Notice of Special General Meeting

In advance of the AGM (See Below)

To be put to a, Special General Meeting (SGM)
to be held in the KVAFC Clubrooms, Adelaide Street Oval, Tumbi Umbi 2261
commencing at 9.30am on Sunday 5th December, 2021.



  1.  Opening

  2.  Attendance

  3.  Apologies

  4. Minutes of Previous SGM

  5.  Special Resolution

MOVED Paul Forster, SECONDED Peter Kelleher, that:
Part 3 of the KVAFC Constitution (Rules) be amended so as to increase the number of Ordinary
Committee Members to four (4) and thus the total number of Committee Members to eight (8), by way of –
Altering sub-clause 14.(1) viz;
“(b) four (4) ordinary committee members, each of whom is to be elected at the annual general meeting of the association under clause 15.”
Altering sub-clause 14.(2) viz;
“The total number of committee members is to be eight (8).”


  6.  Closure

Issued under the authority of the KVAFC Committee.

Paul Forster
KVAFC President


Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Killarney Vale Australian Football Club Inc. Central Coast Bombers, will be held on Sunday 5th December 2021 , in the KVAFC Clubrooms at Adelaide Street Oval, Tumbi Umbi, commencing at 10:00am.


  1.  Attendance - Confirmation

  2.  Minutes of Previous AGM - Confirmation

  3.  Committee Reports - Presentation & Acceptance

  4.  Office-bearers - Election

  5.  Financial Statements - Presentation & Acceptance

  6.  Closure

Nominations in writing are now called for to fill the following Committee positions and are to reach the Secretary seven (7) days before the scheduled AGM, namely:

  •  President

  •  Vice-President

  •  Secretary

  •  Treasurer

  •  Ordinary Member (2 positions)


Nominations are to be submitted via email, which may be done so separately by the Nominator, Seconder and the Nominee and should be addressed to:

Authorised by the Executive Committee of the KVAFC


FOLLOWING the AGM there will be opportunity for informal discussion and appointments to ex officio positions within the Club.

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