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Hand Named Senior Player of the Year

Talented midfielder, Eliza Hand capped off a magnificent first season with the Bombers by being named the Mingara Senior Player of the Year at the clubs Presentation Night held at Mingara last Saturday night.

Hand who joined the club this year from the Tamworth Swans also took out the AFL Hunter Central Coast Women's Black Diamond Cup Best & Fairest Award as well as representing the league in their recent win over AFL South Coast.

In other on-field awards Ryan Arthur took out the Men's Black Diamond Cup Best & Fairest award with Josh Mifsude runner-up whilst Kristen Kessler took out the Women's award. Jayden Banfield and Kelly Dougles took out the Men's & Women's Black Diamond Plate Best & Fairest awards respectively.

Cassi White and Glenn White were named Club Persons of the Year for their tireless work off the field whilst Ryan Stanton was awarded the Presidents Award.

Bombers Gallant in Defeat

Newcastle City continued their dominance of the AFL Hunter Central Coast Women's Black Diamond Cup competition with a 7.6.48 to 2.5.17 win over Killarney Vale at Newcastle No 1 Sportsground yesterday.

The win was the Blues seventh premiership in the eight years the competition has been in existence, whilst for the Bombers it is the third consecutive year they have been runners up.

in hot conditions, Killarney Vale got off to the perfect start with Dixie Butler kicking the first goal of the game. Best & Fairest winner, Eliza Hand was also able to kick a major in the first term to enable the Bombers to lead by 7 points at the first change.

The second quarter was an arm wrestle with Newcastle City kicking the only goal of the term with the scores all locked up at half time.

Newcastle City were able to dominate the second half kicking five goals to nil  to run out 31 point winners and duly claim the premiership title.

For the Bombers, they would be disappointed not to take home the premiership after going through the Home & Away season undefeated however they should be extremely proud of their season.


Newcastle City    1.0.6;   2.2.14;   5.5.35;   7.6 (48)

Killarney Vale     2.1.13;  2.2.14;   2.2.14;   2.5.(17)


D. Butler 1, E. Hand 1

Best Players:

K. Kessler, E. Hand, S. Bailey, B. Wood, D. Butler, E, Squires

Match Highlights - Click Here

Full Replay  - Click Here

Full Grand Final Results
Men's Black Diamond Cup
Newcastle City 12.10.82 def Terrigal Avoca 10.13.73

Women's Black Diamond Cup

Newcastle City 7.6.48 def Killarney Vale 2.5.17

Men's Black Diamond Plate
Newcastle City 9.13.67 def Terrigal Avoca 4.8.32

Women's Black Diamond Plate

Cardiff 3.8.26 def Maitland 3.0.18

Men's Black Diamond Shield

The Entrance Bateau Bay 10.11.71 def Newcastle City 7.9.51

The Path to The Women's Cup Grand Final

Let's check the path our Women's Black Diamond Cup side took to the Grand Final.

Rd 1 - Killarney Vale 10.7.67 def Cardiff 0.0.0 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: R. Davis 3, C. Barnett 2, E.Johnson 1, E. Weber 1, M. Jenkins 1, M. Wilson 1, K. Kessler 1

Best: E. Hand, E. Crookes, H. Gibbons, R. Davis, K. Kessler, B. Wood
Rd 2 - Killarney Vale 6.5.41 def Newcastle City 4.8.32 @ Newcastle No 1 Sportsground

Goals: E.Johnson 1, K. Kessler 1, B. Turner 1, M. Wilson 1, C. Barnett, M. Jenkins

Best: J. Rivers, E. Crookes, A. Page, S. Edwards, S. Bailey, B. Turner
Rd 3 - Killarney Vale 22.19.151 def Lake Macquarie 1.0.6 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 7, C. Barnett 5, E. Johnson 4, B. Turner 2, E. Hand 1, K. Kessler 1, T. White 1, E. Weber 1

Best: S. Edwards, A. Page, M. Wilson, J. Rivers, E. Crookes, C. Barnett
Rd 4 - Bye

Rd 5 - Killarney Vale 6.13.49 def Singleton 1.3.9 @ Rose Point Park

Goals: H. Gibbons 2, M. Wilson 2, K. Kessler 1, L. Watson 1,

Best: C. Judge, L. Watson, H. Gibbons, A. Page, K. Kessler, D. Butler

Rd 6 - Killarney Vale 10.11.71 def Terrigal Avoca 2.1.13 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 4, E. Johnson 2, B. Wood 1, H. Gibbons 1, K. Kessler 1, B. Turner 1

Best: J. Rivers, E. Crookes, A. Page, E. Hand, D. Butler, S. Bailey

Rd 7 - Killarney Vale 11.12.78 def Warners Bay 0.0.0 @ Feighan Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 2, S. Edwards 2, S. Bailey 2, E. Johnson 1, B. Wood 1, H. Gibbons 1, K. Kessler 1, J. Bender 1

Best: K. Kessler, B. Wood, S. Edwards, M. Wilson, S. Bailey, E. Squires

Rd 8 - Killarney Vale 5.8.38 def Cardiff 1.6.12 @ Pasterfield Sports Complex

Goals: M. Wilson 1, E. Johnson 1, M. Jenkins 1, K. Kessler 1, B. Turner 1

Best: E. Johnson, A. Page, E. Crookes, K. Kessler, S. Edwards, K. Douglas

Rd 9 - Bye

Rd 10 - Killarney Vale def Warners Bay - Forfeit 
Rd 11 - Killarney Vale 6.5.41 def Newcastle City 4.3.27 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 2, M. Jenkins 1, H. Page 1, E. Johnson1, S. Woolford 1

Best: K. Kessler, E. Crookes, B. Wood, D. Butler, M. Wilson, B. Turner

Rd 12 - Killarney Vale 15.16.106 def Lake Macquarie 0.0.0 @ Tulkaba Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 5, E. Johnson 2, M. Jenkins 2, D. Butler 1, E. Hand 1, S. Bailey 1, A. Page 1, C. Barnett 1, I. Austen-Bailey

Best: A. Page, K. Douglas, K. Kessler, E. Hand, I. Austen-Barratt, J. Bender
Rd 13 - Bye

Rd 14 - Killarney Vale 4.7.31 def Cardiff 3.7.25 @ Pasterfield Sports Complex

Goals: M. Wilson 1, E. Johnson 1, R. Davis 1, B. Turner 1

Best: E. Hand, C. Barnett, B. Wood, T. White, E. Crookes, L. Watson

Rd 15 - Killarney Vale 4.11.35 def Singleton 2.2.14 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 3, M. Jenkins 1

Best: B. Wood, C. Barnett, S. Bailey, E. Crookes, M. Jenkins, M. Wilson

Rd 16 - Killarney Vale 8.9.57 def Terrigal Avoca 1.6.12 @ Hylton Moore Oval

Goals: B. Turner 2, E. Johnson 2, M. Wilson 1, M. Jenkins 1, B. Wood 1, K. Kessler 1, 

Best: K. Kessler, B. Wood, L. Watson, A. Page, E. Hand, M. Jenkins

Rd 17 - Killarney Vale 7.3.45 def Newcastle City 2.4.16 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: B. Turner 3, M. Wilson 2, J. Bender 1, S. Woolford 1

Best: E. hand, B. Turner, K. Kessler, H. Page, C. Judge, A. Page

Rd 18 - Killarney Vale 20.19.139 def Warners Bay 0.0.0 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: M. Wilson 5, M. Jenkins 3, E. Johnson 2, H. Page 2, S,. Bailey 2, B. Turner 2, A. Page1, K. Kessler 1, E. Crookes 1, H. Bryson 1

Best: M. Jenkins, M. Wilson, J. Bender, H. Page, A. Page, B. Turner

2nd Semi Final - Killarney Vale 1.1.7 def by Newcastle City 4.2.26 @ Adelaide St Oval

Goals: B. Turner 1

Best: K. Kessler, E. Crookes, E. Hand, B. Turner, H. Gibbons, L. Watson

Preliminary Final - Killarney Vale 5.13.43 def Cardiff 2.3.15 @ Newcastle No 1 Sportsground

Goals: H. Gibbons 2, M. Jenkins 1, D. Butler 1, K. Kessler 1

Best: H. Gibbons, B. Turner, A. Page, E. Hand, B. Wood, C. Judge

Grand Final - Killarney Vale vs Newcastle City Newcastle No 1 Sportsground

Hand Claims League Best & Fairest Award

Killarney Vale follower Eliza Hand has been awarded the AFL Hunter Central Coast Women's Black Diamond Cup Best & Fairest award at the leagues Presentation Night last night.

Hand won the award by three votes from Newcastle City's, Sarah Halverson with fellow Newcastle City player Caitlin Holcombe a futher three votes away. Hand had a very consistent year which was demonstrated by the fact that she polled votes in nine matches including four best on ground on her way to 21 votes.

In the Men's Black Diamond Cup competition star midfielder, Damien Hector fell just one vote short from making in back-to-back Elliott Davey Medals for Killarney Vale. Hector only polled in four matches however they were all Best on Ground performances to leave him on 12 votes. The winner was Newcastle City captain Mitch Crawford who won the award with 13 votes.

In another fine performance Kelly Douglas finished third in the Women's Black Diamond Plate Best & Fairest Award.

Club favourite, Micheal Smith was a popular winner of the James J Arnold Award as Club Person of the Year, a result he in his own words said "about time".

Bethany Wood was named Captian of the Women's Black Diamond Cup Team of the Year (the remainder of the team will be announced via social media), Mia Wilson won the Leading Goalkicker Award for the Women's Black Diamond Cup competition whilst the club also won the Club Administration Award.

Men's Black Diamond Cup Votegetters
12 - Damien Hector (R/up)
  8 - Jye Boby, Nathan Smith

  6 - Ryan Arthurs

  5 - Josh Mifsud
  3 -  Logan Mahalm, Rick White, Tom Mumford, Tristan Barnett

  2 - Brendan Lewis, James Rigas

  1 - Alex Remy, Tim Hanly, Tom Castelnuovo

Women's Black Diamond Cup Votegetters
21 - Eliza Hand (Winner)

  6 - Bethany Wood, Jasmin Rivers, Mia Wilson

  5 - Emily Crookes

  4 - Ash Page

  3 - Brooke Turner, Hannah Page, Holly Gibbons, Kristen Kessler, Megan Jenkins, Sasha Edwards

  2 - Eliza Johnson

  1 - Courtney Barnett

Disappointing Day for Bombers

It was a disappointing day for the Bombers senior teams in AFL Hunter Central Coast Semi Finals last Saturday with all three teams suffering defeats.

The Men's Black Diamond Cup side missing Rick White and Josh Mifsud were no match for a slick Cardiff side at Newcastle No 1 Sportsground going down by 67 points and as such the defence of their premiership is over.

The Women's Black Diamond  Cup side entered their 2nd Semi Final clash with defending premiers Newcastle City on the back of a 15/0 win/loss ratio however they were never able to claw back an early two goal advantage Newcastle City established, eventually losing by 19 points. The girls will now have to regroup and rise to the challenge of Cardiff in this weeks Preliminary Final at Newcastle No 1 Sportsground.

Having only just scraped into the finals courtesy of a last round win, the Men's Black Diamond Plate side were expected to be no match for arch rivals Wyong at Adelaide St Oval. The side however put in arguably their best performance all season pushing the Magpies all the way and were still in the match deep into the final quarter before a couple of late goals blew the final margin out to 41 points.

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