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Junior Football Policy

It is the policy of the football Club to field a minimum of 1 team in every age group of competition and non-competition offered by the League in which we participate.


It is the policy of the Killarney Vale AFC Inc. to encourage participation and enjoyment for all participants and it is the policy of the Club to accept all registrations, and any enquiry regarding registration will be met with an acceptance by the Club, to the extent that there is always room for more players. In the circumstance that we have reached maximum for a single team and there are not enough players to field a second team, the parents will be spoken to regarding options for their children, including JV with another club, or a fair rotation policy.

In the event that a rotation policy is used, all players must evenly be rotated for all games that season. Special treatment cannot be shown to individual players due to their skill set or relationship to the coach/manager. The rotation schedule is to be planned before the season starts, approved by the junior operations manager and checked against team sheets each week. Coaches who fail to comply with this directive will be sanctioned by the board of the club and potentially replaced.


If a team that is over maximum numbers make finals, the team selected for the finals will be based on attendance, commitment to the team and attitude. A player who attends every training session and game with a positive attitude will be selected over a player who doesn’t, regardless of skill level and relationship to the coach/manager.


It is the policy of the KVAFC that all players that register will be registered in their age group. No player will be registered with the intention of playing in an age group that is not relevant to the player’s age in the current season. There may be exceptional circumstances where a parent of a player seek to have their child play in an older age group permanently. Any parent who wants their child to play in a different age group can apply to the junior operations manager for an exception.


If a need arises for players to play up an age group, once their commitment to the younger age group is complete, then that can be accommodated. However, there will be no circumstance where that will occur if a player in the older age group playing in their appropriate team will be displaced. That is, a player from a younger age group will not commence the game on the field at the expense of older age player commencing on the bench.


In the event that the Club’s recruitment and retention policy of unlimited participation attracts numerous players in a single age group, such that the registration number exceeds the maximum playing number for a team in that age group, and further, that the number of registrations exceeds double the match number, then the Club will nominate additional teams in that age group.

E.g. if Under 11's match number is 14 and the Club achieves in the first instance 28 registrations in that age group, then the Club will nominate two teams each with 14 players. The Club leading up to and during the season may build on those registrations.


Where the club fields more than one team in an age group, teams will be assembled based on the playing groups of the previous year. If this cannot be accommodated due to players leaving the club, teams will be selected so that all teams are as even as possible. This decision will be made considering age of players, schools attended, existing friendships, direct player recruitment, individual player strengths, weaknesses and skill set, and team balance. Consideration shall also be given to other family members who may be players, coaches or officials.


At no point will the Club refuse a registration for the reason it has too many players for one team or a “team is full”. Under no circumstances will an enquiry for individual registration with KVAFC be directed to another competing Club. Any teams the junior registrar considers to be full, and intends on giving the previous directive to a new player, need to be submitted to the junior operations manager for consideration of the best way to have the player/players register with our club.


In the event that the Club is in a position to enter two teams in one age group in competition the onus will be on the Club and team officials to observe any rules of the league in which we participate, governing the participation of two teams by one Club in available competitions.



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